6x6 Matrix Pixel Panel with 36 warm white 3W pixel leds and 4 RGB color panels.
UGS: 04425
EANCODE: 5420025644259



  • The unit is equipped with 36 extremely effective very narrow 4.5° lenses, in combination with powerful and reliable 3W warm white leds.
  • This results in an exceptionally powerful “narrow beam” 6x6 Matrix effect projector that turns even the biggest concerts and TV shows into an amazing spectacle! Light engineers will be amazed by the endless possibilities and ease of use to create astonishing light shows!
  • A vast internal effects library, containing letters, numbers, chases!
  • 5 different DMX channel modes for different applications:
    • 4CH: pixel programs + RGB panel dimming
    • 7CH: pixel dimming + strobe + programs/letters/numbers +  RGB panel dimming
    • 13CH: pixel dimming + strobe + programs/letters/numbers + speed + RGB panel dimming
    • 43CH: individual pixel dimming + programs/letters/numbers + individual panel RGB dimming
    • 48CH: individual pixel dimming + pixel master dimming + strobe + programs + speed +  individual panel RGB dimming
  • Excellent built-in programs for wonderful, ever changing, light shows.
  • Silent operation, thanks to natural convection.
  • The internal shows work in standalone, master/slave or can be selected by DMX: static colors, fading colors, different static chases, different sound activated chases.
  • Backlit alphanumeric 2x 8 character LCD-display for easy menu navigation
  • ProCON in/outputs: easy daisy chaining of several units.
  • 3pin XLR DMX in/outputs
  • Rugged metal construction, equipped with “quick lock” mechanisms to build large matrix arrays in no time.
  • Optionally a hanging bracket is available for truss mounting of larger arrays (order code: 4426)
  • High efficiency and low power consumption!

Informations supplémentaires

Informations supplémentaires

Général : Usage DJ & Club, Stage & Rental
Général : Dimensions (cm) 50 x 50 x 8.4 cm
Général : Poids (kg) 11
Général : Alimentation AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Général : Etiquette "énergie" Non
Général : Consommation d'énergie W 190
Général : Couleur black
Général : Ecran LCD
Général : Fixation M8
Général : IP rating indoor
Contrôle : manuelle oui
Contrôle : Master/Slave oui
Contrôle : DMX M/E Non
Contrôle : autonome automatic, sound
Contrôle : programmable Non
Contrôle : mise à jour du logiciel oui
Contrôle : canaux dmx maximale 48
Lumière : lamp socket none
Lumière : lampe LED
Lumière : couleurs Rouge, Vert, Blue, RGB
Lumière : mélanger les couleurs oui
Lumière : focus None
Lumière : zoom None
Lumière : iris Non
Lumière : taux de rafraîchissement min. (kHz) Non
Lumière : taux de rafraîchissement max. (kHz) Non
Connexion : entrée 3 pin XLR, 5 pin XLR, powercon
Connexion : sortie 3 pin XLR, 5 pin XLR, powercon
EANCode 5420025644259
Discontinued Non



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View FileBT-GLOWPANEL - Firmware v20170504    Size: (46.24 KB) BT-GLOWPANEL - Firmware v20170504
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