1024 Channel DMX interface & Multizone controller with Ethernet port for Local Area Network (LAN, WLAN).
UGS: B05028
EANCODE: 5420025650281



  • 1024 Channel DMX interface with ETHERNET port for Local Area Network (LAN, WLAN)
    • Can be used with the Wi-Light APP from a mobile device (Android + iOS) : Video 'Wi-Light 2 APP'
    • 1024 output channels when used with a computer
    • Multizone 1024 output channels when used standalone without computer (max 6000 steps and 512 scenes max when 512 channels are used)
  • 4Mb internal memory and external SD Card reader (extended memory for all type of Micro SD card)
  • 16 bits channels management in standalone
  • RS232 triggers for standaloneDMX
  • input trigger standalone
  • 30 minutes of Lighting, Audio and Video timeline synchronization with Pro DMX software
  • Integrated DMX splitter (2 outputs)
  • Works with the Chromateq Led Player and Chromateq Pro DMX software. (included)
  • Functions and control in standalone mode:
    • Automatic Real Time Clock triggering for different scenes (day, week, month, year)
    • External Triggering via 7 contacts
    • Select one of your 80 programs (max) via the 8 switch buttons x 10 selectable pages
    • Multiple Zone control: 5 different programs can run simultaneously
    • Program selection via the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons
    • General dimmer adjustment
    • Speed adjustment of the programs
    • Manual color selection of your customized colors via the 8 trigger buttons
    • Manual color selection of 100 standard colors via the + and – buttons
    • Master/Slave mode for up to 32 interfaces connected together
    • 4Mb internal memory + SD card slot for memory extension
  • 3-pin XLR connectors
  • Power supply for the use in standalone mode: 9V to 36V via DC connectors, 5V via USB connector (optional)
  • An optional external infra-red receiver can be connected to the unit (LD-512Kit-IR = IR receiver + 2 remote controllers)
  • For more information about the software:



Spécifications techniques

Spécifications techniques

Général : Usage Architectural, Commercial, DJ & Club, Stage & Rental
Général : Série Non
Général : Dimensions (cm) 14 x 9 x 4
Général : Poids (kg) 0.5
Général : Alimentation External adaptor, 9Vdc
Général : Etiquette "énergie" Non
Général : Couleur noir
Général : Ecran LED
Général : IP rating indoor
Contrôle : programmable oui
Contrôle : mise à jour du logiciel oui
Contrôle : canaux dmx maximale 1024
Connexion : entrée 3 pin XLR, usb
Connexion : sortie 3 pin XLR
EANCode 5420025650281

Mode d’emploi & Téléchargements

Mode d’emploi & Téléchargements

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