About Briteq

Since the beginning high-end professional lighting solutions have only been accessible to a niche of large rental companies and pro users.
Starting in 1961, as a supplier of sound and lighting products we decided in 2008 to make high-end professional lighting solutions accessible to a wider public under a new brand : Briteq !

The product development, which takes place in Belgium, focusses on users’ comfort and reliability. Every application has its specific needs, and that is exactly what our engineers bear in mind whenever they work out a new product and concept.

To meet the user’s needs, Briteq invests in intensive field research. The close contact with international renowned light designers and event orientated customers results in turnkey light solutions in all areas. Professional users will appreciate the compatibility features, whereas everyday user’s find their ways with lights easily.

Backed up by a skilled, multi-lingual team and service department in the center of Europe, Briteq is your best partner for high-end professional light equipment. Our staff, trained by experience and action “in the field”, is known for its efficiency and reactiveness. No question without a reply, no problem without a solution !

Our after sales department is a role-model for the business since its very beginning.

Briteq is being used to illuminate some of the most renowned international monuments and has been spotted on many large-scale events.

Briteq is a registered trademark of BEGLEC NV, a Belgian sound & light distributor with over 50 years of experience.