Led Profile Spot based on an 250W 3200K COB LED and multiple options sold separately : different optics (ETC compatible), gobo holder, iris.
Artikelnummer: B06023
EANCODE: 5420025660235



This LED profile spot is based on high power LED technology.
It’s a perfect replacement for the halogen units with high power consumption!
For your convenience the projector is sold as two separate parts :


  • Equipped with a high power 250W COB LED, 3200K color temp.
  • Extremely silent cooling system using heat pipe technology.
  • Compatible with ETC® Source Four-optics.
  • LCD-screen for easy settings.
  • Working modes: manual, DMX
  • Different dimmer curves: Linear, Square law, Inverse square law, S-curve
  • Insulated rear handle


  • Specially coated optics for sharply defined crisp projections.
  • Four profile blades, specially coated for minimum reflections.
  • Can replace ETC Source Four-optics
  • Optical barrel can be rotated and locked in any position
  • Different optical units: 19°, 26°, 36°, 50°, 15-30°, 25°-50°
  • Lockable compartment for use of the optionally available:
    • GOBO Holder : Outer diameter gobos: 86mm, optical diameter: 48mm
    • IRIS : Aperture diameter: adjustable from 5mm to 74mm

Technische Daten

Technische Daten

Allgemein : Anwendung Stage & Rental, Theatre
Allgemein : Serie Nein
Allgemein : Gewicht (kg) 5.26
Allgemein : Netz/Batterie AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Allgemein : Energie-label Nein
Allgemein : Stromverbrauch W 270
Allgemein : Farbe schwarz
Allgemein : Schirm LED
Allgemein : IP rating indoor
Kontrolle : Modi manual, DMX
Kontrolle : manuell Nein
Kontrolle : Master/Slave Nein
Kontrolle : SMART-DMX Nein
Kontrolle : autonoom fixed
Kontrolle : programmierbar Nein
Kontrolle : aktualisierbare software Nein
Kontrolle : maximale DMX-kanäle 2
Light : lamp socket keine
Licht : lampe LED
Licht : min. farbtemperatur (K) 3200
Licht : max. farbtemperatur (K) 3200
Licht : CRI 97
Licht : farben Weiß, Warm weiß
Licht : farben mischen Nein
Licht : min. Wiederholfrequenz (kHz) Nein
Licht : max. Wiederholfrequenz (kHz) Nein
Anschluß : eingang 3 pin XLR, PowerCon®
Anschluß : ausgang 3 pin XLR, PowerCon®
EANCode 5420025660235

Bedienungsanleitung & Downloads

Bedienungsanleitung & Downloads

View FileBT-PROFILE250/LED ENGINE - Manual DE    Size: (1.32 MB) BT-PROFILE250/LED ENGINE - Manual Deutsch
View FileBT-PROFILE250/LED ENGINE - Manual FR    Size: (1.4 MB) BT-PROFILE250/LED ENGINE - Manual Français
View FileBT-PROFILE250/LED ENGINE - Manual NL    Size: (1.32 MB) BT-PROFILE250/LED ENGINE - Manual Nederlands
View FileBT-PROFILE250/LED ENGINE - Manual ES    Size: (1.32 MB) BT-PROFILE250/LED ENGINE - Manual Español
View FileBT-PROFILE250/LED ENGINE - Manual V1.1 EN    Size: (1.58 MB) BT-PROFILE250/LED ENGINE - Manual V1.1 EN
View FileBT-PROFILE250 - EC Declaration    Size: (239.72 KB) BT-PROFILE250 - EC Declaration of Conformity
View FileBT-PROFILE250/L PDF leaflet English    Size: (945.82 KB) PDF_LEAFLET_BT-PROFILE250/L_B06023_en.pdf


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