1024 Channel DMX interface & Multizone controller with Ethernet port for Local Area Network (LAN, WLAN) that can be easily mounted on a DIN Rail
Artikelnummer: B05032
EANCODE: 5420025650328



  • 1024 Channel DMX interface with ETHERNET port for Local Area Network (LAN, WLAN).
    • Can be used with the Wi-Light APP from a mobile device (Android + iOS) Video 'Wi-Light 2 APP'
    • 1024 output channels when used with a computer
    • Multizone 1024 output channels when used standalone without computer
  • 30 minutes of Lighting, Audio and Video timeline synchronization with Pro DMX software
  • Works with the Chromateq Led Player, Pro DMX, Pixxem, Studio DMX and Wi-Light 2 software (included).
  • Functions and control in standalone mode:
    • Art-Net and sACN from SD card (including triggers)
    • Node to decode Art-Net and sACN to DMX (4 universes)
    • Automatic Real Time Clock triggering for different scenes (day, week, month, year)
    • External Triggering via 12 smart contacts
    • RS232 In/Out (16 characters for RS232 triggers, commands or orders)
    • UDP / Ethernet triggers and commands (from SDK)
    • Default start scene, scene priority, cross fade time
    • Total control via the Wi-Light 2 app (Android + iOS)
    • Multiple Zone control: 10 different programs can run simultaneously
    • Master/Slave mode for up to 64 interfaces connected together
    • An optional external infra-red receiver can be connected to the unit (LD-512Kit-IR = IR receiver + 2 remote controllers)
    • Micro SD card slot for memory extension
  • Power supply: 5-24V, 0.2A input or 5V DC via USB-C

For more information about the software: www.chromateq.com

Technische Daten

Technische Daten

Allgemein : Abmessung (cm) 11 x 10 x 6
Allgemein : Gewicht (kg) 0.5
Allgemein : Energie-label Nein
Allgemein : Farbe Nein
Allgemein : Schirm Nein
Allgemein : IP rating indoor
Kontrolle : Protokoll Art-Net, sACN, DMX
Kontrolle : programmierbar Ja
Kontrolle : aktualisierbare software Ja
Kontrolle : maximale DMX-kanäle 1024
Anschluß : eingang screw terminal block (dmx), usb, RJ45
Anschluß : ausgang screw terminal block (dmx)
EANCode 5420025650328

Bedienungsanleitung & Downloads

Bedienungsanleitung & Downloads

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View FileLD-1024DIN_NET PDF leaflet Français    Size: (1.09 MB) PDF_LEAFLET_LD-1024DIN_NET_B05032_fr.pdf
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