C-Design invests in 48pcs of BEAM FURY-1

22 September 2016

C-Design was founded in 2008 by Kevin Cornelis.
They offer Lighting Design-, Lighting Programming- and Lighting Operating services for: concerts, theatre, tours, TV shows, events, ... .

Know-how, experience, guidence, service, specialized operators and 'state-of-the-art' materials are the 6 key concepts of the C-Design philosophy.
The result of this philosophy is a long list of partnerships with local as well as foreign artists and companies including : PRG, Never Fear Shadows, L&L, TCF (Graspop, Sunrise & Sunset Festival, Rock Werchter, Fernando Varela, Alvaro Soler, Tomorrowland,... and many more).

It was on Tomorrowland edition 2016 that they discovered our new BEAM FURY-1.
Convinced by the performance, the reliability and charmed by the possibilies of this little moving head, Kevin Cornelis contacted Briteq.

Today C-Design confirms it's partnership with Briteq with the purchase of 48pcs of BEAM FURY-1.

Due to the many request for this kind of innovative moving heads, C-Design already have a few jobs planned with their new beam : a quick Return On Investment is guaranteed.