Briteq goes art with Mark Swysen and his katharsis project

05 January 2016

The artist Mark Swysen uses Briteq for his katharsis project : a spatial installation with in the center a 'living' globe constructed of umbrellas that comes to live by 6 pieces of MEGA-STROBE 1500 DMX !

The strobes create discomforting flashes from within, reminiscent of thunder and lightning.
The globe is surrounded by other artefacts and sound & light effects adding drama to the installation.

For this project Mark Swysen got his inspiration from the Greek philosopher Aristotele.
Here, the artist reports to us the term "katharsis" as a metaphor for what could be happening with our planet at this moment: going through a crisis and hopefully recovering from it.

In 2016 Mark Swysen and Briteq will travel around Europe to exhibit this project :
- 2016/02/10-2016/02/14 : Netherlands : "Rotterdam Contemporary"
- 2016/04/16-2016/07/10 : Ireland : "EVA international for contemporary art"
- 2016/07/04-2016/08/31 : Germany : "Ostrale Dresden"
- 2016/10/01-2016/10/30 : Poland : "Poznan Biennale"

More information on Mark Swysen and his visual art can be found on his website :