Create dynamic 'light curtain effects' with this extremely powerful stage projector, based on 9pcs 60W CW/WW LEDs in combination with amazing RGB glow effects.
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  • This impressive new projector is developed for use on big concert stages, TV-studios, …
  • The 9 big lenses are each equipped with 60W CW/WW LEDs that produce powerful narrow white 4° beams. (full on: 175’000 lux @3m)
  • In a very short time several projectors can be mechanically mounted together to create dynamic “light curtain” effects with unsurpassed power !
  • The LEDs can be individually controlled to produce tunable white beams, ranging from warm 3000K with high CRI to 6000K cold white.
  • Very powerful RGB-LEDs light up the black front panel in any desired color.
  • The units includes 2 extra front panels that can be swapped easily:
    • The white front panel is used to produce very bright and saturated RGB “glow effects”
    • The semi-transmissible “mirror” front panel creates amazing creative effects simply by pointing lasers and light beams at it.
  • The 9 lenses are equipped with black anti-glare louvers, gold color louvers are optionally available. (set 9pcs)
  • 3 DMX-modes: 13, 29 and 45 channels mode for individual control of all beams and functions using 16bit dimming.
  • Control channel for remote selection of PIXEL-order, dimmer speed, dimmer curve, fan control, …)
  • RDM-function for: channel mode, DMX-address, temperature control, …
  • OLED display with backlit touch buttons for easy configuration.
  • Easy mechanical installation with 2 included omega brackets.
  • Easily removable suspension bracket with quick locks.
  • Several M10 fixing points can be used to install the projectors in custom frames.
  • Very low-noise fans, perfect for use in noise sensitive places like theatres, TV-studios, …
  • Easy daisy chaining: 3pin & 5pin + Neutrik® PowerCON® TRUE-1 in/out.
  • Compact size (58 x 22 x 14cm) for easy transport in flight cases!
  • Optional 60x120cm flight cases (4 projectors) available.
  • Optional gold louvers (set of 9 pcs).
  • Co-designed with Marijn Broeckaert.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

General : Application DJ & Club, Stage & Rental, Theatre
General : Dimensions (cm) 58 x 22 x 14cm (without bracket)
General : Weight (kg) 16
General : Powerinput AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
General : Energy Label No
General : Color black
General : Display OLED
General : Fixation included omega bracket
General : IP rating indoor
Control : manual No
Control : Master/Slave Yes
Control : SMART-DMX No
Control : Standalone no
Control : programmable No
Control : upgradable software Yes
Control : maximum DMX channels 45
Light : lamp socket none
Light : lamp LED
Light : min. color temperature (K) 3000
Light : max. color temperature (K) 6000
Light : colors Cold white, Warm white, RGBW
Light : mix colors Yes
Light : focus No
Light : zoom No
Light : iris No
Light : min. beam angle (°) 4
Light : max. beam angle (°) 4
Light : min. refresh rate (kHz) 1.2
Light : max. refresh rate (kHz) 1.2
Connections : input 3 pin XLR, 5 pin XLR, TRUE1 powerCON, rdm
Connections : output 3 pin XLR, 5 pin XLR, TRUE1 powerCON
EANCode 5420025655132
Discontinued No



View FileBT-NONABEAM - Manual EN    Size: (2.09 MB) BT-NONABEAM - Manual English
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View FileBT-NONABEAM - Manual FR    Size: (1.76 MB) BT-NONABEAM - Manual Français
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View FileBT-NONABEAM - Manual ES    Size: (1.75 MB) BT-NONABEAM - Manual Español
View FileBT-NONABEAM - EC Declaration    Size: (230.87 KB) BT-NONABEAM - EC Declaration of Conformity
View FileBT-NONABEAM - DMX Chart    Size: (357.83 KB) BT-NONABEAM - DMX Chart (firmware V1.03)
View FileBT-NONABEAM - Firmware V1.03    Size: (239.6 KB) BT-NONABEAM - Firmware V1.03 (2018-05-12)
View FileBT-NONABEAM - CAD-files for light designers    Size: (1.46 MB) BT-NONABEAM - CAD-files for light designers
View FileBT-NONABEAM – FIXTURE for GrandMA2    Size: (15.9 KB) BT-NONABEAM – FIXTURE for GrandMA2
View FileBT-NONABEAM PDF leaflet English    Size: (1.6 MB) PDF_LEAFLET_BT-NONABEAM_05513_en.pdf
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View FileBT-NONABEAM_-_B PDF leaflet English    Size: (1.6 MB) PDF_LEAFLET_BT-NONABEAM_-_B_05513_en.pdf
View FileBT-NONABEAM_-_B PDF leaflet Français    Size: (1.6 MB) PDF_LEAFLET_BT-NONABEAM_-_B_05513_fr.pdf
View FileBT-NONABEAM_-_B PDF leaflet Nederlands    Size: (1.6 MB) PDF_LEAFLET_BT-NONABEAM_-_B_05513_nl.pdf

Reviews & References

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TEST : BT-NONABEAM - Not another lighting fixtureReview by WWW. INFOMUSIC.PL

---<<< INTRODUCTION >>>---

In a time when the market is flooded with lighting fixtures and it looks like each device has already been refined, Briteq decides to completely re-design one of the lighting-legends and introduces the successor of the SVOBODA : The BT-NONABEAM!

I had the opportunity to test this device in a life situation during the concert of Enej (
Despite my initial prejudice, it worked quite well when positioned on the ground with an upward angle, giving an amazing bright beam of light, filling the scene with interesting effects thanks to its individually controlled LEDs and front panel RGB glow effects.


The first thing that surprised me was its ... weight!
The BT-NONABEAM weighs 15 kilograms and it feels like well-made equipment.

The used materials and concept make it a very durable product for rentals.

Another thing that surprised everyone is it’s light output. With It’s 9 pieces of 60W CW/WW LEDs, you get a spectacular "light curtain" effect and interesting effects.
Words come up short… you have to see it to believe it!
But like every light device you need smoke the whole beam length to see it’s full potential. So it's worth planning your smoke properly.

The third thing that surprised me, will appeal to all light-designers and light programmers, is the arrangement of the LEDs. Briteq made sure that their order could be changed depending on the position of the device. There are 4 options - A, B, C, D, which correspond to the position of the device. It is worth mentioning that these options are available from both the device menu and remote via DMX!

---<<< WHAT CAN IT DO? >>>---

Really a lot and it won’t go unnoticed on the stage.
Each unit has 9 lenses that are equipped with dual CW/WW LEDs that can be individually controlled and have an adjustable color temperature (from 3000K cold white to 6000K warm white) to create amazing effects.
The layout of the device allows constructions of entire rows and walls.

One other thing worth mentioning is the illuminated front panel of the device.
The front panel houses powerful RGB LEDs, that allow extra RGB “glow effects”.
The interchangeable fronts (black, white, mirror) expand the possibilities and applications even further. Briteq is very kind to offer the extra fronts at no additional cost.
An optional set of 9 gold-colored louvers, which gives the BT-NONABEAM a special look, is available for purchase.

The engineers from Briteq also thought about suspending the equipment. A special hanging bracket and omega brackets are also included at no additional cost.
If desired you can also use your standard brackets with M10 screws.

---<<< DMX MODES >>>---

The BT-NONABEAM has three modes - 13, 29 and 45 channels.

The first of them (13 channels) allows you to control the basic functions of the device such as master dimmer (warm and cold LED and backlight panel), backlight color and control channel. In this mode it is not possible to control each LED separately, but you have a macro channel with predefined pixel effects available.

The second mode (29 channels) is my favorite. It allows you to control the LEDs separately, the color of the backlight and the control channel. In this mode there is no macro channel with predefined pixel effects available.

The third of the modes (45 channels) is almost the same as the second mode, but now you have 16 bit (instead of 8 bit) dimming on the individual LEDs, which allows more precision and smoother effects.

---<<< MENU & CONTROL OPTIONS >>>---

First I will list you all functions that can be controlled remotely from your lighting desk through DMX. They are : dimmer speed, as mentioned above the pixel order of the LEDs, fan control, dimmer curve adjustment (which is another interesting function) and a reset function.

In the device menu you have a lot of other settings including information on the temperature of the LEDs, firmware version, … .

---<<< SUMMARY >>>---

The Briteq BT-NONABEAM is a versatile device that can be used in many situations from large festival stages to theaters and television studios. Thanks to its remarkable shape and powerful light output it will always stand out on the stage and add an interesting accent to the show.
With multiple units it is possible to create interesting shapes and matrixes.

The author : Mateusz Krzuś
Magazine :
August 10, 2018
Link to the article :,test-briteq-bt-nonabeam-to-nie-jest-kolejna-glowa-ruchoma

(Posted on 8/17/2018)

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